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"The Gift"

Ron Murray Happy New Year everyone.

I was talking to Wayne Ware about things I wanted to do this year, and he said something that got me thinking. I began thinking about going racing and life in general, and it came to me that we had lots to be thankful for during the holiday season.

I usually don’t get all caught up in the holiday sprit. For example, last year was only the second time in my life as a single person, that I had a Christmas tree. I would buy some toys for my kids, and I would get a card here or there. That's about it.

That started me thinking about how important this sport of drag racing is to all of us. We all have different reasons why we are hooked to it. People will tell you their reason for being hooked if you ask, but what is it really? The sound? The speed? The respect or winning? Or my personal favorite, watching someone make a fool out of themselves on the drag strip.

I realized a long time ago that it's the people who are important. The comradery, sharing a personal pursuit with others, that's what's important. How else can you explain one hundred or more people gathered in one place in the middle of the night to watch a street race? The first time I went to the street races as a teenager, I didn't know anyone! By the end of the night, I knew at least ten people. At that time, there were people you would see at the street races or the track without knowing their name, but you knew them and they knew you. I’m getting off track because what I’m trying to say is that without the people, all of the people, the ones you like and the ones you hate, there would be no sport.

So, we all have something special, a gift. It’s a personal gift, one we walk around with everyday. You probably don’t think about it that way…..but, that’s what it is. We say we're “hooked” “can't stop” “gotta have it”. We all have our gift inside. Sometimes the gift is so strong it makes us do anything to make the gift a reality. Other times, the gift makes some of us not want to live anymore without the gift. Some people chose their gift over family and friends. Some toil away alone in secret cutting, grinding, and painting to get an advantage to make the gift a reality. Some hangout in big groups doing the same, while others pay someone else to make the gift real. Whatever level we chose, we hone the gift. People without the gift don’t understand. Try to explain the reason a burnout is important to you, to someone without the gift at a family dinner, and they will think you are crazy.

For all we have, we need to think about others and help the people who are having a hard time at life. We should make time to talk and help out in our own families. It's cool to have 30 grand in your Top Sportsman's motor, but think about the people that lost that much in their homes in the floods in New Orleans. Look for ways to help others during the coming year.

Be on the lookout for my podcast Coming Soon.

Racing is life.......everything else is just waiting.

Ron Murray

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