How can your company reach a virtually untapped market? By advertising with Black Dragracers.com (BDR) of course. We are a new venue that will attract both the serious and the curious drag racer. The Black motor sports enthusiast given the opportunity will gladly spend their monies with companies who care about their wants and needs.

BDR can provide cost effective advertising. Call for pricing on our banners. Choose either from a Sponsored by: or Brought to you by: ad.

All ads must be paid for in advance. Once paid, if ad has never been run, all monies will be refunded with a 25% cancellation fee. Once the ad has been run, there are NO REFUNDS!!!!

All sponsors with logos and/or advertisements on the web pages will be provided a link to their website. If you don't have a website, we will create a custom page as your link. To be acknowledged as a (Brought to you by) your logo will be on the right side of the web page and its size will be 175 x 120. The cost for front page and for additional page per month call for pricing. Ask about special pricing if you want your ad placed on all pages, and/or you want to reserve the page(s) for more than 1 month.

The advertisement on the news and interview pages will be exclusive. This means no other ads will be on these pages. These also will provide a link to your website. It will state "The News or This Interview sponsored by (Your company's name here)".Your logo will be listed at the top and bottom of the page sized 468 x 80. In addition, your logo sized 179 x 400 will be listed on the right side of the page. The cost for each page call for pricing. To reserve the page for more than 1 month, all additional months must be paid in advance. Pricing discounts based on length of reservation are as follows: 3 mo., 4 mo., 5 mo. and 6 mo. or more.

Columns will also have exclusive advertisements. For example on the column, Straight to the point, it will state, "Straight to the point sponsored by (Your company's name here)". Your logo sized 468 x 80 will be listed at the top of page and your logo sized 179 x 400 will be listed on the right side of the page. The cost for ads on the columns call for pricing. The pricing discounts will be: 3 mo., 4 mo., 5 mo. and 6 mo. or more.

If your company already has a .JPG or .GIF logo and an existing website address, there will be a one time, set-up fee. If we have to create a custom advertisement page, ask about special pricing.

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