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Williams Engineering CNC Billet Manifolds!

Developed in a joint venture with MBE Cylinder Heads and Manifolds in Mooresville, NC, each manifold is custom designed and machined to perfectly match any type of cylinder head. The modular billet components provide precise and balanced geometry to each cylinder for optimal volumetric efficiency. Utilizing 5-axis aerospace machining processes allows for the creation of contours and controlled surface finishes that are impossible to duplicate by hand fabrication. This manifold will make traditional sheet metal intakes a thing of the past.

Facts & Features

Made form T6 6061 aircraft aluminum.
“Tear drop” plenum design for high rpm, high velocity applications.
5-axis CNC contoured and undercutting to promote optimal airflow.
Detachable intake runner feature to allow for induction system modifications.
Canted intake runners for exact alignment of the intake valve angle.
Contoured entrances into intake runner ports.
Complete CNC modular, replaceable components.

Unlike traditional fabricated sheet metal manifolds, our billet manifold does not require welding, which makes modifications complicated and creates resonance and vibration which takes power away from your motor. Call Anthony Smith (513) 731-6400 at Williams Engineering or Matt Bieneman (704) 662-7901 at MBE Cylinder Heads and Manifolds for more information or specific pricing for your application.



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